Louisville, Ky. (WHAS11) - It's been a busy week for Louisville Water crews with more than 80 water main breaks in the city.

By Sunday at noon, there were already 7 reported breaks for the day. One of those is at Grinstead and Cherokee in the Highlands neighborhood. The cold temperatures mean parts of the road are covered in ice and slush.

Kelley Dearing Smith with Louisville Water says they start to see problems when the water temperature leaving the Crescent Hill plant dips below 39 degrees. On Sunday the water leaving the plant was 32 degrees.

That water is coming from the Ohio River, so the only thing that can help the water temperatures will be warmer days. Smith says when the water density is off like it was on Sunday, it can break the pipes.

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Louisville Water has also heard from almost a thousand customers this week with frozen pipes in their homes. In cold temperatures, those are the pipes where most of the issues happen. Smith says know where you water shutoff valve is for your house, and, if your pipes do burst, turn it off.

You can reach out to the water company for help, but Smith says be patient; crews have been overwhelmed with calls. Extra crews are working, but it's almost impossible to keep up with the high demand.

Smith says, in addition to water main breaks and in-home issues, Louisville Water also has to make sure the 24,000 fire hydrants they are responsible for aren't frozen.