LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- In the last few days of summer vacation, one family never thought they'd be coming together to mourn 6-year-old Malik Thomas.

“If you met Malik, you were instantly drawn to him, because he was that type of child,” said his grandmother, Lisa Thomas.

Malik was riding his bike down Farnsley Road Thursday evening when he was hit and killed by an on-coming SUV only a few blocks from his home.

“His life was taken from him by doing just typical kid stuff, and that's so sad,” explained Malik’s uncle, Michael Dorsey.

His mother, Michelle Williams, said he loved to ride his bike.

“He wanted to ride, he said mama, I'm ready, I'm a big boy now and he got on there and he was ready.”

Williams said Farnsley Road off of Cane Run Road wasn't Malik’s typical bike route.

“What bothers me is he doesn't even come up here. He doesn't usually ride this way,” Williams explained.

Police said they are not pressing any charges at this point, and Malik’s family is at peace with that, as long as the driver wasn't speeding.

“If the police don't find no wrong doing, then I'm OK with it,” said Thomas.

They’re even offering their own prayers to the driver.

“I don't know how he may be feeling right now but I can imagine that he's not having good night sleep just like we're not having good night sleep.”

Little Malik was ready to start the first grade.

“He was ahead of his time,” said Williams. “I love him so much. He was going to be something.”

The family is suffering even more heartache. Malik’s great-grandfather also died unexpectedly on Friday.