JEFFERSONVILLE, IN -- Every day the American flag flies high over Bridgepoint Elementary School, but recently it developed a deeper meaning for one student who turned a random act of kindness project into a friendship with a soldier deployed in Afghanistan.

"It was pretty neat,” said Joshua Lawson.

Last spring while in third grade, Joshua Lawson went above and beyond on an assignment to write friendly letters according to his teacher Season Neal.

"With third graders, you're going to get anything from what's your favorite food, to do you have any pets at home,” said Neal. “Some students were more interested in knowing more about the military."

"I want to be a Marine, and go on important missions,” said Lawson.

Little did he know his letters would get him more than a good grade.

"I came back in July and I had a letter in my mailbox and it was addressed to Josh,” said Neal. “The minute I saw that it clicked and I thought oh my goodness someone wrote him back."

"They sent me a picture, some Legos, a note, and some badges that they use,” said Lawson.

"It was amazing just to see that,” said Neal. “He knew right then that this soldier half way around the world cared about him."

Josh's former kindergarten teacher Sally Staples had collected his letters and sent them to her son-in-law, who is deployed in Afghanistan.

"They miss their families so this is something that they can do, write back,” said Staples. “It's a good connection between home and where they're at."

As for Josh, he now has some new info to tell his friends overseas.

"I told them I had gone viral,” said Lawson.
Josh has already sent letters back to the soldiers who have written him back.
The teachers say they plan to use this as a teachable moment for students across all grade levels at Bridgepoint.