JOHNSON Co., Ky. (WHAS 11)--Three stallions were found shot to death in Johnson County, Kentucky and seven others are running wild.

A local man discovered the animals in Sept. and called the Johnson County animal protection agency... fearing the remaining horses would also be shot dead.

A judge then issued an executive order to have the horses rounded up and taken into the care of the Kentucky Humane Society.

KHS equine agreed to help-- removing the seven remaining horses in the herd and placing them in foster care where they are recovering.

One of the foster care sites is Active Heroes in Shepherdsville.

Three of those horses are there now healing.

Active Heroes recently built a horse barn and paddock on its 147 acres of land -- and program directors say the partnership is mutually beneficial for the horses and the veterans.

Three horses will stay at Active Heroes for about a week to get acclimated to humans... after that KHS will arrange for them to go to an equine rescue for training and adoption.

The investigation is ongoing into who killed the stallions and the motive behind it.