LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Derrick Cargill was heading to college after graduating from Iroquois High School last spring. Five days after his graduation, he was shot and killed during a graduation celebration at Colorado and Lincoln Avenues.

"No leads, no suspect, no closure," Yolanda Cargill told WHAS11.

His family is now offering a $10,000 reward to get that closure. Cargill's grandmother is praying someone has the courage to come forward because she knows her family isn't alone in wanting answers. "I stand in the shadows of all those others that are standing around waiting on some type of news," she said.

Cargill believes there were witnesses, but they are keeping quiet in fear of retaliation. She calls it a community-wide problem that could lead to even more deaths. It's why she's committed to using her voice to help solve her grandson's murder. "To take a life and standby and that be ok? Something is wrong with that. Something is definitely wrong with that," she said.

Her family is heartbroken but hoping a year from now they won't be making the same plea. They look forward to finally finding closure, but are concerned the violence won't stop taking other victims.

"It needs to stop. My God, it needs to stop."