LOUISVILLE, KY. - A Metro Corrections Inmate is back in jail after walking away in shackles Thursday afternoon. Officials said Kyle Boyd walked away from the basement of the Hall of Justice where he was waiting to enroll in the Home Incarceration Program.

Boyd was in his orange jumpsuit and shackles when officials say he walked outside, stole a car and got away.

"Any escape is dangerous to the public no matter what they were arrested for originally because they're going to do what they're going to do to accomplish that escape”, FOP President Tracy Dotson said.

With the inmate at large, jail officials called police and told the officers where they thought the escapee may be.

"They found the abandoned vehicle, got a K9 unit on the scene, they set up a perimeter around the space so there would be no other individuals coming in and getting out and the K9 picked up the sent and began tracking”, Metro Corrections Assistant Director Steve Durham said.

Within two hours the inmate was caught near Taylor Boulevard and the Watterson Expressway and back in custody.

But officials are still investigating how he got away.

Dotson said, "Happens a lot. Not to this degree- but someone walking out of the HIP lobby- yeah it happens a lot."

Dotson said this isn't the first time someone has walked away from HIP and blames poor security in the basement space. He said inmates have the ability to freely walk out a door.

Jail administration said it's a public building and not secured like the jail next door- but they will be reviewing the incident and determining what if anything needs to be changed.

"Were going to take an after action review and look at that like you should after any incident occurs which didn't go the way it should”, Durham said.

Boyd is now facing new charges including felony escape.