LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- As the shake-ups within the University of Louisville athletic program continue, a letter from Tom Jurich's attorney is petitioning the board of trustees to let the suspended athletic director keep his job.

The attorney says the University is facing a mess and suggests Jurich is the man who can lead the program to brighter days.

This 42-page document is really best broken down in the opening paragraph which says firing Jurich isn't in the university's best interest because leadership is needed to ensure that donor support remains, fans buy tickets, and NCAA punitive action is minimized.

It's a statement that University of Louisville coaches have been making since Tom Jurich was placed on administrative

"It was unanimous that we felt we didn't want to remain silent when it came for our support for Tom,” said UofL spirit coach Todd Sharp in an Oct. 3 interview. “We didn't want to have regrets in saying nothing.”

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In a 42-page letter to the Louisville board of trustees Jurich's attorney Alison Stemler says that due to the steadfast support of the coaching staff, donors, and Governor Matt Bevin, Jurich remains willing to resume his role as the UofL athletic director.

“Besides being my boss, he's a real close friend,” said UofL head football coach Bobby Petrino. “We're hoping he'll be back."

Jurich's attorney disputed that he had kept Dr. Greg Postel in the dark while negotiating a new deal with Adidas saying that Postel's staff and UofL attorneys assisted in negotiations.

Stemler then went on to say that one of the selling points of the deal was that Adidas was providing $15 million in funding for Papa John's Cardinal Stadium though Jurich conceded that the Adidas relationship needed study in light of recent events seemingly echoing Postel's statements.

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“It needs to be studied, we are going to spend a lot of time learning about this contract,” said Dr. Greg Postel. “It is an extension, of course, and the extension does not begin until next summer, July of 2018, before any of that new money is received so that gives us plenty of time to understand all the details in that we still have a lot to learn about it before I could answer that question.”

Jurich's attorney then went on to defend her client's pay and the way the previous deal with Adidas diverted funding to Coach Rick Pitino adding that Pitino took less money so that Adidas would cover every university sport.

The letter then concludes in bold text that there are no allegations that Tom Jurich had knowledge or was involved in any NCAA compliance incidents.

The UofL board of trustees is scheduled to review Jurich's paid administrative leave at a meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 18.


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