RADCLIFF, Ky. (WHAS11) Kentucky State Police are investigating the actions of an off-duty trooper who was involved in a physical confrontation which ended with the trooper being pinned to the ground by a road work crew.

A forty-four-second Video posted to Facebook shows part of the confrontation and the point where it got physical.

"Don't yell at me," Scotty's Contracting crew member Cindy West could be heard yelling to a man dressed in a t-shirt and shorts.

"I will yell at you," the man shouted back, "Or what?

Kentucky State Police confirmed the trooper is Anthony Harrison, who has been a state trooper since 2013.

"He was going to get somebody killed, because him sitting in the middle of the road, all it takes is for a semi to come flying in there because that's what they do and see there's nowhere to go," crew member Damon Johnson said.

Johnson said Harrison was upset because he felt as though there was not enough warning for drivers alerting them to the work zone along Dixie Highway near the Hardin-Meade County Line.

"Twelve or thirteen of us all together, flashing lights, orange traffic cones, a lady standing there with a large 'slow' sign, and a flashing wand pointing at the 'slow' sign which he blasted right by," Johnson countered.

"He blew past the flagger and almost hit me," West said.

She said Harrison, who was driving a vehicle that was not marked, kept stressing that he was an officer.

"He took his wallet out and flung it in my face and told me he was a state trooper and not to tell him what to do," she recalled.

Johnson said while he was trying to de-escalate the situation, Harrison punched him. That's when Johnson's coworkers took Harrison and held him on the ground until uniformed officers could get to the scene.

"That was for our protection, his protection," another crew member said, "If somebody gets thrown into another lane, you get hit by a car."

"If a semi or something was coming down, it would have rear-ended him, it could have flipped over the wall, took out the whole crew," West added, "That was the only way to keep him controlled and the whole time he's on the ground, he's like, 'Get off me, I'm a cop, I'm a state trooper, you can't do this.'"

Kentucky State Police Sgt. Josh Lawson said the incident is being investigated by the agency's internal affairs division.

"I have seen the video and it is concerning," Sgt. Lawson said in an email, but cautioned, "The video is one part of the entire picture." He said the internal affairs investigation will use the video along with interviews from everyone involved to reach a conclusion.

"If Trooper Harrison is found of any wrongdoing, he will be dealt with accordingly."

Sgt. Lawson added none of the people involved had filed any charges, including Trooper Harrison. He is still on active duty.

"We don't take down police officers for nothing. We did it because he was going to get somebody killed," Johnson said.

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