FRANKFORT, Ky. (WHAS11) — Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear says so much more needs to be done, but the state is pushing ahead with a program he instituted a year ago to help protect seniors.

Scam Alerts alerts seniors and their families, via text message and e-mail, about new scams circulating as well as the ones trending the most at any given time.

During a Tuesday press conference, Beshear pointed out, “In 2015, Consumer Reports estimates over $3 billion dollars were stolen from our seniors in the U.S. in scams alone.”

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One of the biggest scams remains the Grandparent Scam, which cons grandparents into thinking that the other person on the other end of a phone call is their grandchild who needs help and needs money wired.

“It still works, so it shows that we still have more work to do,” Beshear said.

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In February, the I-Team investigated how prevalent the scam is.

Building on over 160 partnerships, including Kroger and area churches, Beshear hopes to greatly grow the number of people signed up for Scam Alerts, which currently stands at over 9,300.

“There's no question, that if we can prevent you from falling for the scam, we've protected you a lot better than trying to recover the money on the backend,” Beshear said.