LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A tale of two videos. One video taken on a cell phone, the other on a police body camera.

Now, a former officer and a current officer weigh-in on if the officer's actions were justified?

“I would justify their actions,” Major Jimmy Harper said, 2nd Division commander.

Major Harper and Councilman David James, who is a former Louisville Metro Police officer, watched both videos. The first video was posted on YouTube on Monday

“I don't really know what led up to that situation, so I can't really speak to it,” says Councilman James.

Now, LMPD has released the body camera video along with the circumstances of the incident which led to the arrest of 26-year-old Montez Williams, charged with possession of marijuana, resisting arrest among other charges. But Major Harper and Councilman James said the body camera video gives a better view of what happened.

“Now that we know the rest of the story, they switched seats. The driver was actually in the passenger seat. Kentucky law says that when you're asked to produce license and proof that you can drive. You have to produce that in Kentucky. And he wasn't producing that so that gave them the right to arrest him,” Councilman James said.

But they agree, releasing the body camera video was crucial.

“I was looking at it and thinking, what's going on there? But now that I see the whole thing I see it in a much different context,” Councilman James said.

Two totally different views, but for this officer and former officer, there's one conclusion, they believe the officers followed procedure.