LOUISVILLE, KY. (WHAS11) -- About 30 homes near that water main break in Shelby Park are still without water Wednesday, as the company works to restore water and partially replace the pipe.

At almost 125-years-old, Water Company Officials say the pipe has lived a good life. These pictures show a much different city when the pipe was installed.

Oak Street Pipe; Louisville 1893

"When you think about how Louisville developed, that's how we developed. So, the pipe on Oak Street was put in in 1893 when Louisville was really growing," Kelly Dearing Smith said.

Its first major break happened Tuesday in the Shelby Park neighborhood when an 8-foot geyser started spraying from the street.

"We have pieces of new pipe that have arrived and we'll be working probably through the weekend to make those repairs," Kelly Dearing smith.

As this pipe is repaired, and water restore- the company will continue checking on other major pipes. Most of the oldest are near downtown, around Frankfort Avenue.
Construction on water pipe late 1800s; Louisville

Kelly Dearing Smith said, "Just in 2018 Louisville water will spend over 20 million dollars inspecting, replacing and repairing pipes. So its something that's always on our radar whether or not we have a water main break."

Dearing Smith with Louisville Water Company says it can be hard to predict a problem. But using robot technology to go into the pipes, they do what they can.

"We can look at it and try to predict issues. Now its not always not to make something like what happened at Oak St. not happen? Not always, but hopefully we can minimize the impact in the future," Dearing Smith said.

For now, the focus is on Oak Street- as they continue working to piece the ancient pipe back together.