LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – It’s a staggering statistic – 6 times as many women die from heart attacks than from breast cancer. A University of Louisville doctor has launched a study to find out why.

Dr. Andrew DeFilippis and his team of researchers are working to determine if there’s a way to predict which women will be at risk of having a heart attack.

To do that, they are re-testing blood samples taken 10 years ago from nearly 7,000 men and women.

"We found one blood marker called oxidized phospholipids were particularly low. They were lower in the patients that had heart attacks than those who didn't, but they seemed to be low all the time. We got to thinking that this may be one of the factors that is involved in putting someone at risk for having a heart attack," Dr. DeFilippis said.

He says if he and his team can confirm women with certain blood markers are going to have heart disease, treatment could begin years before heart failure actually occurs.