A non-profit group called Clean Label Project has been working in conjunction with an accredited lab in Denver to take a closer look at baby food.

Their research found many mainstream brands of baby foods were contaminated with harmful elements, like lead and arsenic.

The lab tested over 700 food products including infant formula.

The study published Wednesday has alarming results, like organic baby foods containing twice as much arsenic as conventional baby food.

Popular puff snacks made by different brands, also containing harmful amounts of arsenic.

One food product claiming their packaging to be BPA free tested positive for BPAs.

And over 35 percent of infant formula had some levels of lead.

Most food manufacturers regularly screen for conventional contaminants like E. coli, salmonella, and listeria, but this new study looked at 130 different environmental contaminants from heavy metals and pesticides to antibiotics.

Ellipse Analytics lab director Sean Callan said the lab also identified a chemical called acrylamide.

That chemical which is linked to cancer and brain damage was also found in some of the food samples.

Known as a cumulative toxin, the lab director says a tiny amount of it may not hurt you right now, but a tiny amount over a period of time is a different story.

The results are published on the Clean Label Project's website where they also show over 400 favorite infant, baby and toddler food products that are top rated, to help you choose safe food for your family.