LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – It sounds simple, but proper hand washing is often overlooked, especially this time of year. The Louisville Water Company wants to change that and is taking its teachers to schools across the city.

It started with Field Elementary, which sits next door to its headquarters off Frankfort Avenue. The educators from LWC are stopping by every single classroom at the school, giving every student a 30-minute lesson on the dos and don'ts of hand washing. They use a special combination of hand lotion and green paint to put fake germs on the kids and show them what they look like under a black light. The educators do this before and after the students wash their hands to show them how some germs can stay even after a typical trip to the sink.

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That's why the Louisville Water Company is spreading this routine hopefully faster than the germs can travel.

“Remember, this is your main defense to stop you from getting sick. It may be fun to have a snow day. It's no fun to be home when you're sick,” educator Barbara Crow said. “Hand washing is the best thing you can do to stop those germs from spreading to make sure that you guys get to come to school every day, and you guys don't get sick.”

This week alone, the Louisville Water Company will also stop by United Crescent Hill Ministries and Sproutlings Preschool to help students there.