LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Since 1999, this building has been home to the St. Matthew Goodwill location.

“Access is really not ideal. Parking is also an issue. So there's just a lot of challenges with this site,” said Heather Hise, Goodwill.

And that's why Hise says when a developer reached out to them about three nearby Shelbyville Road properties, they jumped at the opportunity.

“When we replace a store and improve the shopper experience, the donor experience those numbers really go up and to us, we can't afford not to do that,” Hise says

On Wednesday, Goodwill closed the deal on this property, 103 Marshall Drive. The sale of 101 Marshall and 4425 Shelbyville Road are waiting for rezoning approval from the city. Currently, about 12 families live in these apartment buildings and will now have to relocate

“I'm going to reach out and try to help them get another place to move,” said Debbie Holloway, former 103 Marshall Drive owner.

Up until Wednesday, Debbie Holloway has owned 103 Marshall since the 1990s. She says she had no plans to sell until a developer approached her with the right price.

“I did not have the property for sale, was not looking to sell it. I've got great tenants, love the location and they came to me,” Holloway says.

WHAS11 spoke with several tenants off camera who said they did not know about the sale. Holloway says she was not allowed to talk about it until it was complete. Goodwill says it plans to help tenants relocate as well to make this sale go as smoothly as possible.

There's still no timeline as to when the building could be demolished.