(WUSA9) Cumberland, MD - It’s something every parent thinks about.

Chianne Bosley is no different. Although, she has been through more than most 17-year-olds.

“Seventeen surgeries and she had leukemia when she was little and knee surgeries and all kinds of things and eye surgeries."

But it’s what happened at her high school last May that made Chianne cry. She found out that her classmates at Fort Hill High School nominated her to be the homecoming queen to the dance this November.

“I cried,” she said. “Because it's so sweet and kind.”

“It has been amazing,” her dad said. “It’s made mom and dad cry, it really has.”

The months since her nomination have been fit for a Queen, crowned at a football game just a few weeks ago.

She picked up a date to the dance, too.

“By Daniel Hott. By Daniel Hott, yes,” she said. “I said yes right away.”

Chianne and Hatt have known each other all their lives, from childhood neighbors to the Fort Hill homecoming court.

“She’ll say mom I can't believe this,” Cami Bosley said. “I can't believe this is happening.”

But for her classmates, the choice was easy. Chianne won roughly 70 percent of the homecoming vote.

“She's so close to everybody, and I think that she just makes everybody happy,” Hott said. “She knows everybody by name in our school.”

It seems they’re her fans too. And her friends.

“For this group of kids ever since she's going to school with them it's just been Chianne," her dad said. "She's never been different than anybody else.”

Well, she is different in one way: she’s the queen.