LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A horrific accident involving a fire truck left one dead and several others injured Thursday morning. It happened during rush hour at the intersection of Algonquin Parkway and McCloskey Avenue.

"It sounded like a bomb went off. It was a loud boom, bang,” Timothy Frierson, one witness, said.

Neighbors said before they knew what they heard, they knew it wasn’t good. They had heard a fire truck passing their homes with sirens on and the horn blasting, and then they heard a crash.

“Stuff was flying everywhere,” Frierson described.

"I feel sorry for their family. It's crazy,” nearby neighbor Bryson Logan said.

A small green car collided with a fire truck in the middle of this intersection. The fire truck was in "emergency mode,” with lights and sirens on. Police said the fire truck had the right of way.

Frierson watched from his car, only feet away.

"I saw a green vehicle spinning out and the fire truck after they had hit, and the fire truck had gone past it and was trying to stay upright and went off the road and ran and took a couple of trees out ran into a brick wall,” Frierson said.

A female passenger was still in the vehicle, and the male driver had been thrown out. Moments after the crash dozens started rushing to their aide.

Frierson said, "By the time I got out of the car and before I could get out of the vehicle, the lady got out of the car and I went to try to help her, and she went to another lady who had witnessed it, and she was rendering aid to her."

That woman who wanted to remain anonymous shared, "She wouldn't let my hands go. She was like just help me, and I said I'm not going anywhere."

That woman was by the victim’s side until EMS arrived.

Witnesses saw the driver lying in the middle of the street about 50-yards from where the collision happened. Then they watched firefighters, who had injuries of their own, rushing in to help.

"Once it happened, they were remarkable in trying to get out and render aid to the victims,” Frierson said.

Several firefighters were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The man driving the car involved in the crash was pronounced dead at the scene. His family identified him as a man in his 60’s. They said he was the life of the party and will be dearly missed.