LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS) -- Amidst the charred debris is a small memory plucked from the burnt rubble, a photo of two young girls and Santa Claus. This photo is the only thing salvaged from what used to be the Warren family's home in the Kenwood Mobile Home Park off Taylor Boulevard.

"All my kids Christmas presents that they just had opened, not even like two weeks ago, is gone," Tabatha Warren said. "We just moved here two months ago so everything is completely gone."

Tabatha's husband, Rodney, said he was home when the fire started. He said a police officer had come to their house Friday evening with a noise complaint. As the officer was leaving, Rodney said he noticed something was burning in the mobile home, calling the fire department as Rodney immediately took his two kids and left the home.

"I thought I was going to be able to go back in there and try to salvage something before it got too bad, but I couldn't," he said. "It was too smoky."

Tabatha said she was on her way to catch a bus for work when she received the news from her husband that her home was up in flames.

"By the time I got back here, the fire had actually busted all the windows out," she said. "So the fire was coming through the windows by the time I got here."

The Warrens said they believe the fire may have started from either their water heater or their space heater, which they said they use to keep warm during the winter. They said their unit, like many other mobile homes in the park, does not have a furnace.

"You have to run off your oven and space heaters," she said. "The fire department declared it was space heaters and something was left on the stove. But my stove wasn't on - my oven was to heat the place, so that's probably what happened."

At the time of this posting, Louisville fire officials have not released an official cause for the fire.