LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS 11)--There will be extra security at Fern Creek High School.

It comes after several students got a threatening message on social media.

The message said there would be a shooting at the high school Monday.

It also had more of a tone of a warning as opposed to a threat, urging those who got the message not to ignore the potential threat.

The message was seen on Instagram.

Here's a look at the message sent to several students.

It reads:

This is not a threat, but a warning.

There will be a shooting at Fern Creek High School Monday.

Please, please do not disregard this message.

Please let your friends know. Spread the word. Post this message. Tell your parents.

Please stay safe.

I'm sending this to as many Fern Creek kids as possible. Spread it please.

According to our partners at the Courier-Journal, the account was deleted shortly after sending the warning.

Still, the school, district, and LMPD are taking this threat very seriously, working together to give students extra security as they return to class this morning.

At last check, it's not clear who created the account, but LMPD is investigating.

WHAS was told a fake threat like this can potentially come with a felony charge of terroristic threatening in Kentucky.

We have reached out to JCPS and LMPD for comment and are waiting to hear back.