LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The University of Louisville continues to feel more heat as a key player has been fired from its Foundation.

Keith Inman, the University’s vice president of advancement reported that the total philanthropy is down $93 million – the largest drop he’s seen in his career at UofL.

He said that amounted to an approximately $21 million decline in academic gifts.

The UofL Foundation also cut ties with the final of the three big decision makers Tuesday.

The vote was unanimous to terminate Jason Tomlinson’s employment as chief financial officer.

Tomlinson had been away from the job since shortly after the scathing forensic audit was released in June.

The decision follows suit with the Investment Arm parting ways with the former President Dr. James Ramsey and his Chief of Staff, Kathleen Smith.

Attorneys for both Dr. Ramsey and Smith have both said their clients worked under the supervision of the Foundation Board and acted within bylaws.

The current chair, Dianne Medley, recognized Tomlinson’s departure would be seen by some as creating a clean slate at the top of the embattled organization but insists each of the situations were handled individually.

“I think this board is trying to do the right thing as separate decisions for each person. I don’t think we see it as a package to be perfectly up front. We’re just trying to make the right decision one at a time,” she said.

Medley also said she felt that the board’s actions so far should be a sign to the community that there has been a change in culture.

Inman suggested that it was clear donors need to see a change because many have said they’re on the sidelines, still willing, but watching what happens next.