LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The controversial neighborhood schools bill has gained national attention, focusing on whether or not this bill will re-segregate schools, but House Bill 151 may not be going anywhere.

“We're now struggling to get it before the committee because it is bumping up against charter schools, that's a tough call, too, tough vote, but we'll seem, who knows?,” Senator Dan Seum told WHAS11 News on Monday.

House Bill 151 would allow students to attend the school closest to their home. It passed the house last week, and that could be it according to our sources, which may signal good news for those opposing the bill.

“This bill does not guarantee you entrance into your neighborhood school. In fact, it's the opposite. This bill says you might be able to go to the school closest to you, but if there's too many people there already, you don't get to go there,” Senator Morgan McGarvey said.

JCPS superintendent Donna Hargens and lawmakers came together standing against the bill.

“I'm as concerned as anyone around this table, but this is not like the flip of a coin that something is going to resolve itself,” Senator Gerald Neal said.

Senator Seum told WHAS 11 News if the bill does gets to committee, he will file an amendment so the proposal only targets elementary schools and only in Jefferson County.

“I would like to trim down 965 busses that travel $19 million dollars, excuse me, 19-million miles in a 180-day school year, 19-million miles, take that money and put it into the classroom sizes, you know, reduce classroom sizes,” he explained.

If it does pass the education committee, House Bill 151 would go to the senate. If it passes the senate with no changes, it would go into the hands of Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.