LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The motto is simple: One Pride. One Brotherhood. That’s the powerful mission behind newly formed W.E.B. Dubois Academy.

“I'm trying to work on being a leader and they have a leadership program here,” Aiden Stringer explained, who hopes he will be selected to attend the all-boys public school next year.

It will open its doors to up to 150 6th graders in August of 2018, although the district is still working on finding the right location.

“We're not just the only school like this in Jefferson County, we're one of only a handful of schools in the entire nation looking to do things differently for our young men,” Principal Robert Gunn said.

Monday night he led one of several scheduled discussions with parents to clear up questions or misconceptions about the unique soon-to-open school.

A lot of people think that our school is only for males of color, and it's not. It's for any male in Jefferson County Public Schools,” Gunn said.

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DuBois Academy will offer a multicultural curriculum and emphasize on the history of black Americans.

“You don't see too many folks of color throughout the curriculum. Sure, when Black History Month rolls around you see a lot of different folks, but we want to make sure that's prominent in our curriculum.”

Montori Dunn told WHAS11 News her son is only in third grade, but she's already interested in seeing her boy be a part of the brotherhood.

“With everything that's going on in our community right now I think it will be a good idea for people to come together, reunite, and for people to lift up each other and empower each other,” Dunn explained.

The boys will wear a blazer featuring the school crest along with a blue and orange tie. To apply, students and parents must fill out a brief survey and answer two questions: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and "Why would you like to attend Dubois Academy?”

Below are additional dates for more Q&A opportunities with Principal Gunn:

• December 5—Louisville Urban League (1535 W. Broadway), 6 p.m.
• December 7—Mill Creek Elementary (3816 Dixie Highway), 6 p.m.
• December 11—Brandeis Elementary (2817 W. Kentucky Street), 6 p.m.
• December 12—Greenwood Elementary (5801 Greenwood Road), 5:30 p.m.