SHELBYVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Shelby County High School in Shelbyville, Ky. has just rolled out a new lunch break process.

Instead of three 30 minute lunch periods, all high school students are now getting used to an open campus-like policy where they eat together at the same time.

Some parents say their children do not have enough time to eat and have to wait in long lines.

School started on Aug. 2 and a student shared a picture with WHAS11 showing the long lines serving lunch to all high school students.

Jonah Cloninger, a Senior said, "You have to worry, oh, am I actually going to get to eat today."

This new policy was brought to our attention thanks to social media posts, with one woman writing on Facebook, "My granddaughter would have had five minutes to eat had she stood in line. She did without her lunch."

"We've sent kids back and, stay, don't rush, don't gobble down your food or any of that and we've noticed the lines are long," says Principal Margo Whisman.

She adds that this new lunch process is in place thanks to student requests.

"We've just been talking to our students and seeing what their behaviors and their patterns were and they really want to eat with each other and their friends. They ask to get their classes changed so they can eat lunch with their friends."

Grades 9th through 12th can now eat at various places throughout the school at the same time from 12:19 to 12:49 p.m.

"I race and I try to hurry up and get my butt in that lunch room so I can try and get my lunch as quick as possible. When a thousand kids are trying to get their lunch at one time, the lines are backed up all the way to the hallways, so in my opinion, it's pretty ridiculous," Cloninger states.

“We started to notice that that's really what everybody wanted, they wanted more social time with their friends and just down time," Principal Whisman adds.

She says her staff is still working out the kinks. There are daily debriefs with administrators and cafeteria staff and if the masses want the three separate lunch periods back, this new method is adjustable.

The number, to Shelby County High is 502-633-2344, administrators say they want to hear from you and your child if this method is working or not.