LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Dr. Marty Pollio said on day one, improving morale and culture was a top priority and he’s inspired by what he’s hearing.

He says it’s a multi-year process but everyone is on the same page. His whiteboard in his office is proof of that from his leadership team, culture is everything.

Dr. Pollio says he knows as well as anyone what a challenging job it is.

Fourteen hour days, executing long-range plans, dealing with short-term issues and trying to stay connected with 155 schools.

Dr. Pollio has spent more than 20 years in Jefferson County Public Schools as a teacher and an administrator and says what impacts our community, impacts our schools. Violence is one of those issues and we’re not alone.

He says a safe environment is a must and offering services to children who need them is too.

An encounter involving school resource officers and police at Jeffersontown High School has led to a review.

Another challenge facing the district, pension reform.

Hundreds of seasoned teachers who are ready to retire to get the best deal and the real concern are changes that may make it tough to lure the best and the brightest.

There are challenging times ahead. Dr. Pollio says the next two years are the most important time in decades.

Dr. Pollio says you need someone who can jump right in and he already has.

He says the ship is now heading in the right direction and believes he is the one to keep it on course.