LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS 11)--On his first day as leader of Jefferson County Public Schools, Dr. Marty Pollio promised to confront district-wide issues head on.

“I believe that I have a good understanding of where we need to go as a district in order to improve all schools in this system,” said Dr. Pollio.

In his first news briefing as interim superintendent, Pollio discussed low morale and his plans to improve climate and culture across the district.

“I think staff members and community members need to see that I’m committed and serious about the work that we’re doing, that I’ll be present in schools and make sure that we begin to move this district forward in a serious way.”

When asked about teachers feeling unsupported and not having enough supplies, as found in a recent survey, he promised changed.

“I just don’t think that should ever happen in our district, one of the most important concepts for me with morale and school culture is that employees have the things they need in order to be successful.”

Pollio also touched on issues of communication and plans to keep everyone in the loop.

“One example will be these regular press briefings that we will hold, from this point forward, every two weeks.”

Pollio says after 20 years with JCPS, from a high school teacher to high school principal, he knows there is serious work ahead. He says his priorities are improving existing systems, structures and support of teachers while also looking ahead to new projects like the Young Males of Color Academy.

“Job number one will be to hire a principal and get a principal planning and working towards August 2018 to get that implanted and be successful.”

While Dr. Pollio's position is temporary as he’s serving as interim superintendent, he says he’s in it for the long haul if chosen to lead the district permanently. No word on when the final decision will be made.