LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A roundtable in Louisville this afternoon suggested there's a direct connection between education and escaping a trend that's troubling our city.

The education roundtable was held at Midwest Church of Christ where Pastor Jerry Stephenson is a big supporter of school choice.

Pastor Stephenson welcomed like-minded leaders from politics and education to the event on Louisville’s West End.

Senator Rand Paul, Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton and others took part in the Roundtable that drew about 15 to 20 people.

Lieutenant Governor Hampton credited her ability to get a good education for helping her "escape Detroit".

Senator Paul had been to this church before pushing for school choice and charter schools, this time he also described a program similar to what he called, "the NFL for teachers", in which the top 1,000 would make 5-times more than other teachers. He said it was unfair that all teachers made the same amount when the best should be paid for their performance.

Robert Blair, founder of the West End School, described how his students overcome hardships to excel. Blair supports school choice but says, regardless, there is a one universal factor when it comes to a getting a good education.

"Unless you create an environment for those kids that's safe and stable and secure and loving, they're not going to have an opportunity to learn”, said Blair.

Those who represent the West End in the General Assembly typically do not support the idea of school choice or charter schools. Pastor Stephenson suggested that those lawmakers were voting against the majority opinion.