The first part of the U.S. to experience the total eclipse will be Portland, Oregon. About an hour later, Hopkinsville, Kentucky gets its turn.

Hopkinsville has been hopping all weekend long, and that'll certainly continue throughout the morning and afternoon today ahead of this historic moment.

For many people here, this will be a once in a lifetime experience, but we met a guy who actually has a few of these under his belt.

Today will mark Dan Gosser's 7th, yes you read that right, solar eclipse.

He witnessed his first one in 1991 in Mexico and has been collecting stamps for his passport ever since.
He's traveled all over the world, but is from Upton, Kentucky.

He says he's over the moon – or rather in front of the sun for eclipse purposes- to see this event happen basically in his backyard.

"It is absolutely amazing. It is the most amazing thing you'll see on earth. I've seen the Grand Canyon. I've been in 32 countries. There's nothing that compares. Everyone who thinks this is a lot of trouble is really going to be loving it tomorrow." - Dan Gosser

Dan is already planning for his next eclipse adventures. His best advice for all of us – make sure to capture the event, but also make some time to just sit back and take it all in looking at it with your own two eyes and not just your camera or cell phone.

We will have coverage for you all morning and afternoon long from right here in Eclipseville so make sure to stay with us throughout the day on-air and online.

The United States Postal Service issued the official, one-day-only postmark for the 2017 Solar Eclipse stamp in Hopkinsville. Governor Matt Bevin was there for the unveiling as well.