HOPKINSVILLE (WHAS11) -- In two weeks the world will be watching Hopkinsville, well actually it will be watching the heavens above the west Kentucky town that has taken on the identity of "Eclipseville.”

But when an estimated crowd in the hundreds of thousands leaves "Eclipseville" locals are banking on their new friends carrying home something that will last much longer than the 2 minutes 40.1 seconds of total eclipse time.

There's a sunny outlook in this All-American town.

Recently WHAS attended a town meeting were business owners and artists were getting a taste of the hop-town hubbub and trinkets of all sorts are popping up "Eclipseville" swag ready for their moment in the dark.

There are ornaments and coasters, painted pieces of old metal and more traditional artwork on canvas.

Artists not only putting their creative signature on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, they're waxing poetic.

"If we can do what this eclipse is doing, the world would be better because when we think about the sun and the moon coming together being one, if we can do that as a people, then this world would be better,” said Sean Wallace. “It would be a better place for our children and everybody.”

Wallace, a Hopkinsville area artist, is looking at the world through rose colored glasses, but for those looking at the eclipse, you'll need special specs. Many businesses around town are offering branded pairs of protective eye wear.

The world leader in bowling balls makes Hopkinsville their home and Ebonite has introduced a special eclipse bowling ball.

An estimated $30 million will pour into this community which is not a bad take when you consider the entire event is thanks to a galactic moment of “throwing shade.”