CERULEAN, Ky. (WHAS11) – For a moment in time on August 21st, the sun did not shine on our Old Kentucky Home. But for those fortunate enough to be in the zone of greatest eclipse there was a shared moment that united all under the moon and sun.

Day turned to night if only for just less than 3 minutes, but in that awe-inspiring moment many found themselves caught up in the emotion.

Even as traffic backed up with visitors urgent to get back on the road home some waited and reflected.

Jim Jones pondered this journey he committed to years ago when learning of the magical August 21st date.

“It was too fast,” Jones said. “It was awesome. It was something you can't describe. You have to see it for yourself brings a tear to your eye.”

Even hours after the eclipse completed, the man from Dallas, Texas still became emotional describing his moment in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

“It was something like a once in a lifetime experience," Jones explained.

He sat still as the sky went dark and stars began to shine.

Some in the crowd at the point of greatest eclipse erupted in cheers.

For 2 minutes 40.1 seconds, all was right. Despite coming from across the country and around the world, coming from diverse lives with wide-ranging faith and political beliefs, all that mattered was soaking in the magic of a moment that was out of our control but out of this world.

It was a sight that left many searching for deeper meaning in the present while planning for the future and the next great eclipse.