Dunkin' Donuts will offer a slightly smaller menu starting on Monday, aiming for speedier, more accurate service.

The scaled back menus will appear in New England and upstate New York this week, and roll out to the rest of the nation before the end of March, Dunkin' Donuts said.

The doughnut maker will eliminate “slower moving” items such as afternoon sandwiches, some muffin, bagel and cream cheese varieties, smoothies and flatbread. Some of the foods that are going away were always optional for franchisees restaurants, it said.

Ninety percent of Dunkin' Donuts items will stay on its menu, however, including its lineup of coffees, doughnuts and breakfast sandwiches.

The company tried out the simplified menu in several markets starting in early 2017, and by the autumn expanded the test to almost 1,000 locations.

Dunkin' Donuts has also announced that artificial dyes have been removed from its doughnuts, part of effort to offer simpler ingredients and cut dyes across its U.S. lineup of foods and drinks by the end of 2018.