(ABC NEWS) -- Just days before the second presidential debate, Donald Trump is traveling to New Hampshire for a test-run of sorts. The Republican nominee will host an invite-only town hall in Sandown, New Hampshire, to prep for his debate rematch with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said on "Good Morning America" today that Trump has been watching tapes of his last matchup with Clinton as part of his debate prep.

"Well he learned from those tapes that he was trying to answer the questions as they were asked. Mrs. Clinton was there really trying to get out the five or six zingers she had rehearsed for a number of days. So this time, I think that Donald Trump, in a town hall format, it's one he's very comfortable," she said.

Other aides tell ABC News that the format will allow Trump to visually focus on the audience, rather than honing in on Clinton and constantly feeling the need to have the last word.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who as a presidential candidate was known for his omnipresence at New Hampshire town halls, has been increasingly involved in Trump's debate practice and will be in attendance tonight.

"Gov. Christie is helpful because he's done more than 130 town halls," said Conway.

In the aftermath of the last debate, several senior Trump staffers were frustrated with Trump's inability to execute on the debate stage, with one senior source telling ABC News that Trump “lost his nerve.” Preparation for this debate has included rounds of rapid fire questions and attempts to utilize more one-line attacks.

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