JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) -- Two people were arrested Wednesday night after a fight broke out on the Big Four Bridge. The altercation was between two groups of people and was interrupted after police were flagged down by visitors to the park. Visitors told police one man had a gun.

"Someone with a gun on that bridge is a very dangerous thing," Jeffersonville Police Lieutenant Detective Todd Hollis said.

Police said they were notified by other people enjoying the bridge when someone showed a gun.

"The officers that were there were approached by several visitors to the park who said that there was a man on the bridge with a gun and that there was a fight between him and several others," Hollis said.

Police said the suspects were toward the middle of the bridge when at least one fight broke out.

Xzaivyon Ramseur and Deonte Rhodes

Hollis said, "Anytime we have an incident like this that jeopardizes the safety of everyone in the park, we respond swiftly and decisively, we take it very seriously."

Jeffersonville Police went up on to the bridge from their end, while LMPD came from the other side.

"We found one side of the altercation near the Indiana side and Metro PD found the other group closer to the Louisville side," Hollis said.

LMPD officers arrested Deonte Rhodes and charged him with battery and robbery. At the same time, Jeffersonville officers took Xzaivyon Ramseur into custody on the other side of the bridge.

"We do appreciate that the visitors to the bridge were swift in getting law enforcement and reporting it- that helps a lot as well," Hollis said.

Both men are facing felony charges.