LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The crime tape has already been taken down and neighbors are out socializing on a warm evening like they usually would, but hours before, it was a much different scene at 82 College Court.

Police say three people went to the hospital after shots were fired at this College Court apartment complex. According to friends, two of the victims were nurses in their early twenties. We spoke with a family friend who had just come back from the hospital.

“Jacori was shot in her face like on the jaw part, Jameisha was shot in her arm and it went through her side then traveled to her stomach,” said the family friend who asked not to be named.

Witnesses who know the girls say they were just stopping by to eat dinner with their family. It’s something they often do after they leave the nursing home where they work.

“Wrong place, wrong time,” said the friend.

Witnesses say they heard between 12 and 20 shots fired. They told WHAS 11 News the suspects came through am archway shooting, while the girls were around the porch. Witnesses also tell WHAS 11 News they don't believe the girls were the target.

“They are hardworking children, them girls work hard, everyday,” said the family friend.

As for the third victim, no one was able to tell us who he is. Some witnesses don't even believe he was shot here. The family of the girls is just happy to see them okay.

“It's very frustrating because these are kids that I have watched grow up, ya know, these are like my nieces, so I don't know but I just know they are going to be okay,” the family friend explained.

Right now there are no suspects, but anyone with information is encouraged to call LMPD at their anonymous tip-line, that’s 574- LMPD.