An arrest warrant affidavit paints a chilling picture of the night a middle school science teacher allegedly killed two people after a Halloween party in a quiet Fort Worth neighborhood.

Cary Heath is accused of murdering two of his neighbors, Daniel Haros and Phillip Evans, early Sunday morning on Buffalo Springs Drive in southern Fort Worth. He allegedly shot the men and struck them with the butt of a rifle.

The affidavit released Tuesday says a 911 caller, whose name was redacted, told police there was a Halloween gathering at his home Saturday night that carried into Sunday morning. Heath attended the party. Haros and Evans “came over for less than five minutes.”

After what was described as a “friendly and cordial” conversation, Heath apparently went to his home nearby while his wife stayed at the gathering.

Just minutes later, the 911 caller heard multiple gunshots.

“Cary Heath ran into [the neighbor’s] house and handed [redacted] his one year baby and stated, ‘this is the last time I will see the baby. I killed two people,’” the affidavit reads.

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The caller also reported seeing Heath striking one victim with the butt of a rifle. The caller “yelled for the suspect to stop and the suspect pointed the weapon at [redacted] and asked if [redacted] had a problem," the affidavit reads.

A Tarrant County medical examiner determined Haros and Evans died from gunshot wounds and blunt force trauma to the face and head. Evans was found in the front yard of one home, and Haros was found in the driveway of another.

Heath’s wife, Tiffany, told police that her husband admitted to her that he had killed the two men, even asking her to clean the blood from the safe that holds his guns.

Heath, an eighth-grade science teacher in his first year at Permenter Middle School, was arrested in a parking lot on campus after school was dismissed Monday. He is charged with capital murder and was being held on $1 million bond.

Police had initially detained another man for questioning in the case but he was not arrested.

Affidavit details alleged double-murder in Fort Worth by wfaachannel8 on Scribd

Editor's note: The arrest affidavit shows Heath's first named spelled "Carey," but other records suggest the spelling is "Cary." We are working to confirm the spelling of his name.