LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- Fresh bullet holes in the sides of homes bring back painful memories for one mother.

“The first thing that crossed my mind was Troyvonte,” said Lanesha Harris, Troyvonte Hurt’s mother.

Being back at the scene is almost too much for Lanesha Harris

“I came out here with a flashlight just checking, did any bullets hit his bears,” Harris said.

Harris is talking about this memorial set up for her son 14-year-old Troyvonte Hurt. He was shot and killed in this same block of Jacob Street where four people were shot Wednesday night while police say they were sitting on a porch. Police lights shined on Hurt's memorial as police investigated the shooting.
“That could've been someone else's loved one laying a couple feet away in the same situation that I was in eight months ago,” Harris said.

Counselors at Centerstone say events like last night's shooting bring up traumatic memories for many in the community, especially kids.

“They're afraid, they're scared, a lot of anxiety about it. Some aren't sleeping. They might have nightmares. All the things that you would expect when you're dealing with a stressful event,” said Dr. Ron Van Treuren, Centerstone.

Troyvonte's mother says she's still fighting to heal her community so no other child will have to live in fear of the violence and no other mother will have to hurt.

Troyvonte Hurt and Lanesha Harris

“Instead of us fighting against one another and shooting and killing one another let's come together and do something positive for the community instead of thinking negative all the time,” Harris said.

With reminders like Wednesday night’s shooting, Harris says time doesn't heal the wounds.

“I'm still not over it. It gets harder every day,” Harris said.
There have been no arrests made in the shooting that injured four people last night. If you have any information you can call the anonymous tip line, 574-LMPD.