RADCLIFF, Ky. (WHAS11) -- “What they did is they either climbed on here and broke through this window right here. And I had a secondary window in there and they broke through it. And I had bars up and they broke through that,” said Thomas Skaggs, T7 Specialties owner.

Over the weekend, Skaggs and his business T7 Specialties became the latest victims in what Radcliff Police call a burglary ring.

“All they wanted is cash. They took a knife off there, jimmied open the register, they didn't take any of the expensive stuff. They just wanted cash,” Skaggs said.

Police say that's exactly what's been taken from the other 19 businesses burglarized over the last two months. Radcliff Police Chief Jeff Cross and investigators have been pouring over surveillance videos from each of the businesses.

“We're asking the public if you recognize any mannerisms or clothing in these videos that we're going to put out that they may see someone they may think they recognize don't hesitate to call,” Chief Cross said.

Police say there are a number of different suspects in the surveillance videos but their tactics are similar. The suspect breaks the glass door. They don't spend much time in the business, just going for any cash in the store and then leaving, which is exactly what happened to Skaggs' business.

“We had a donation box here for Bentley. He's a three-year-old who has leukemia and every two months his mother comes and collects the money. Well, this money was collected over the holidays and it had over $150 and they just took it off there, ripped it open and took the cash out of it. How could you do that to a little boy like that?” said Skaggs.

If you have any information that could help police, you can call Radcliff's anonymous tip line at (270) 351-TIPS.