CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) – Two men are facing charges after a violent attempted murder and robbery case that happened last week in Clarksville.

Detective Todd McCutcheon with the Clarksville Police Department said two men, Justin Bower and David Kinley, tried to rob another man at his home on Silver Creek Drive in Clarksville Thursday, Sept. 14.

McCutcheon said the men stabbed the homeowner nine times in the back, shoulder, and neck. He says the two men knew the victim and they were supposed to buy a piece of equipment but when they got inside the home. They tried to rob the victim of money, prescription pills, and his gun.

“The victim felt they were there on good intentions to buy a jack hoist and unfortunately he was stabbed by the people he was supposed to help out,” McCutcheon said.

When police arrived at the house, they found the victim bleeding badly outside.

Clarksville police used surveillance video from a nearby business and talked to neighbors who witnessed the violent crime to catch the two suspects.

McCutcheon says both were arrested within 14 hours.

Both men are charged with attempted robbery, Bower is also charged with attempted murder and McCutcheon says more charges could be filed later.

The victim in the case is 49-years-old, he's in critical but stable condition.