LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Vincent Ray Simmons, 69, did not say a word while sitting in a wheelchair in court Wednesday morning, the Louisville man facing several charges after police arrested him the prior evening at Bluegrass Motorsports Audi dealership.

Police said Simmons was following a woman in a car, tailing her into the dealership's lot, where the woman got out of her car to escape Simmons and seek help. In the arrest citation, police said Simmons sat in his truck outside the dealership revving his engine.

Police were called to the scene after an employee went out to check on Simmons, according to the report. Police had to evacuate the area while they tried to speak to Simmons, even using a PA system at one point.

Officers eventually flattened the tires on the back of his truck and were trying to get Simmons out of the vehicle when he hit the gas, ramming into a 2018 Audi Q7, which according to the arrest report, is valued at $71,495.

While Simmons did not speak in court Wednesday, his wife did the talking, telling Jefferson County District Judge Sean Delahanty her husband takes several medications, many related to a kidney transplant he received four years earlier. She said she suspects his medication may have triggered a psychotic episode Tuesday, telling the judge he took an extra dose of his medicine. His wife also said he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's earlier this month.

Police also said officers found a baggie of what they believed to be crystal meth, something Simmons wife said she could not explain.

"My husband has never done drugs," she said. "He gets his labs every month."

"Our department will investigate all aspects to see if there were drugs involved or if it were a medical condition," Maj. David Beyer with the St. Matthew's Police Department said. "All that information will be provided to the Commonwealth Attorney's office and the prosecutors will make a decision with what changes they'll push forward with."

Judge Delahanty released Simmons on the home incarceration program, telling his wife to make sure to keep his medications in a safe place away from him. Simmons is not to have any contact with the woman he is accused of following and the dealership. He is also not allowed to drive and is ordered to remain at home except for medical reasons.