LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A woman has been charged with terroristic threatening following an incident at a Jefferson County elementary school.

Police say Jordan Thompson, 29, created a disturbance at St. Matthews Elementary School on March 9 when told her son was not in proper uniform when he was dropped off for school.

According to police, Thompson screamed and yelled at staff as school was in session.

Principal Scott Collier attempted to diffuse the situation when Thompson allegedly said she “hated all white people” and stated she would get him “taken care of.”

School officials said as Thompson was leaving school grounds she allegedly told Collier that he’d better call the Louisville Bomb Squad because “what I have, they can’t take care of.”

The school says it has had run-ins with Thompson in the past causing disturbances at the school.

Thompson was arrested on March 10 on Breckenridge Lane.