LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Police walked their Louisville purse-snatching suspect through a Sellersburg field.

“I'm glad they got him. Makes it a little bit safer for everybody else,” said Mark Renn; the car chase ended in his field.

Police had put out a warning about this man and his red pickup truck earlier in the day. He’s Robert Ellis II of Moorman Road in southwest Louisville. The same man was caught on camera at a number of east Louisville gas stations brazenly snatching purses out of front seats as women pumped their gas.

After being stopped in Shively by police, he then led them on a 40-minute chase across the river, ending as Indiana officers rammed his truck in this field outside Hamburg.

After dozens of officers surrounded him and took him to the ground, detectives then looked inside that truck.

Sky11 was right over when they discovered several stolen purses, lining them up on the hood of the truck.

One woman says she's one of his victims at a Thornton's on Fern Valley Road.

“I noticed the sound of my car door being opened and I turned around and saw a man grabbing my purse,” she told WHAS11 News.

Police say Ellis would circle the parking lots of gas stations in this red pick-up truck before choosing a victim. Ellis was in that same pick-up truck when he led them on a chase.

“I didn't really know what it was until I saw the truck and put two and two together and thought well, they want him pretty bad,” said Richard Landberg, witness.

So why did Ellis suddenly veer off into this field? Police say they put spike strips down, flattening a tire, at an intersection right before Ellis left the roadway

“They finally caught him, so I'm glad they got him,” Renn said.

Amazingly, no civilian vehicles were hit during the chase.