LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- A Louisville man is awaiting sentencing in federal court after signing a plea deal admitting he was responsible for the road rage shooting which targeted a woman who was driving with two children in her vehicle.

Federal records show Timothy Corbin, who signed the agreement May 11, was driving on the Gene Snyder Freeway Sept. 9 and pointed the .40 caliber gun at another vehicle and fired a shot hitting the car's engine and radiator.

"They shot a gun out the window at us when we went by," the victim told a police dispatcher, according to the 911 call filed in Jefferson County Circuit Court, "Apparently, I wasn't going fast enough, they sped up slowed down, sped up slowed down and rolled the window down and shot a shot at me, with both my children in the truck with me."

Neither the woman nor her children were hurt, but she was able to provide a description and license plate number for investigators.

The investigation led to Corbin and the discovery by investigators of text messages they said indicated there was an attempt to conceal evidence and mislead detectives, the records show.

"You might not see me for a while if I can't get out of this," one message reportedly from Corbin to an acquaintance read, according to a Louisville Metro Police investigative summary.

"I. Serious I could get a lot of time out of this you had the gun the whole time with you. That's all you got to say," another message read.

Corbin was initially indicted by a Jefferson County grand jury on gun possession and wanton endangerment charges, but the case was dismissed because a conviction would be pursued in federal court.

A federal grand jury on Dec. 21 returned a one-count indictment on a charge of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, referencing Corbin's 2008 conviction for manufacturing methamphetamine.

When asked why Corbin was indicted only on the possession charge and not for the shooting incident itself, a spokesperson for the United State's Attorney's Office said the plea agreement made mention of Corbin's role in the Sept. 9 incident, essentially stipulating he used the gun to commit another felony. The spokesperson said admitting those facts would incur a greater sentence on the possession charge.

The woman whose car was damaged in the shooting could not be reached for comment on the plea deal.

Corbin is scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 16.