LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) – The Louisville Metro Police Department is responding to a video taken by a private citizen during a recent arrest.

LMPD said the “use of force incident” was posted to the internet and the department is urging the public to look at the Use of Force Policy.

The following is the video taken by the private citizen:

LMPD said their preliminary investigation revealed on Oct. 8 at 3:05 pm. a traffic stop was conducted, an officer said he observed a vehicle commit multiple traffic violations. As the vehicle stopped, the officer observed the driver, Montez Williams, switch seats with the passenger. When the officer approached the vehicle, he said he smelled marijuana, according to LMPD.

When another officer arrived at the scene, that officer said he noticed the odor of marijuana too, LMPD said.

An officer asked Williams to exit the vehicle, at this time he was in the passenger side of the vehicle. The officer had to ask Williams several times to exit the vehicle, according to LMPD, and Williams refused.

According to LMPD, due to Williams’ non-compliance the officer attempted to remove him from the vehicle. Williams continued to be non-compliant by pulling away from the officers attempting to get him out of the vehicle. LMPD says he also tightened his arms to his body.

LMPD says the officers used the force they believed reasonable and needed to bring Williams into compliance.
Officers did find a clear plastic bag in the center console of the vehicle and it contained marijuana, LMPD said.

Williams is charged with possession of marijuana, resisting arrest, failure to or improper signal, no registration plates and failure to maintain required insurance. He was also served an additional bench warrant for possession of marijuana.

LMPD supervisors did come to the scene to initiate a review of the entire incident. That review, including the use of force, will be documented in an Administrative Incident Review report.

The public may view the video of the incident from one of the officer's body cameras: https://youtu.be/_RHRCxZq3Qc

You can read LMPD's full statement here.