JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WHAS11) -- A disturbing disclosure on a live TV show that follows police around the country.

The show Live PD which airs on A&E, caught the arrest of a man in Jeffersonville, Indiana, who is accused of rape.

The suspect, in this case, Kidany Lugo-Rodriguez was arrested and charged with felony rape and criminal confinement, but initially, he gave officers a fake name because he was on probation in Pennsylvania for dealing heroin.

If convicted in Indiana he could be looking at 16 years behind bars.

It started as a welfare check but quickly turned into a serious situation on Live PD.

"The mom called the daughter,” Ofc. Susan Woodard said. “The mother could hear us knocking on the door. The male told the female not to go to the door. If he's holding her in there against her will, that's a crime."

“So often a welfare check, a routine automobile stop, can just blossom into a very serious criminal investigation,” Clark Co. Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said.

According to the arrest report filed by Ofc. Susan Woodard, 29-year-old Kidany Lugo-Rodriguez held a female against her will and raped her.

"He got on top of her,” Ofc. Woodard told Live PD cameras. “She said please don't do this. Please don't do this. I'm not from here. I want to be respected. He said you're in my room, we're going to have sex.”

"Sex crimes are among the most serious nature of crimes that I can review and charge as a prosecutor,” said Mull. “It involves the most personal violation of an individual. They're the types of crimes that cause the most trauma to an individual for a lifetime."

Ofc. Woodard told Live PD cameras that the victims said that they may have saved her from a lifetime of trauma in the sex trade.

"He wanted to sell her basically her sex for money and drugs,” Ofc. Woodard said. “She asked her if she would do that and she said no.”

Clark Co. Prosecutor Jeremy Mull wasn't able to file charges on that accord but that doesn't mean it won't factor in should this case go to trial.

"Because that didn't occur, it was stopped before that happened, there wouldn't be a criminal charge applicable to charge him with,” said Mull. “What I can tell you is that is the sort of information that I can use when it comes to sentencing, that the court can use to figure out what an appropriate sentence would be if he's convicted."

Kidany Lugo-Rodriguez will be formally arraigned on these charges on Oct. 23.