LOUISVILLE (WHAs11) -- A judge gave a stern warning to two families on Tuesday, leave each other alone or risk jail time.

“If you interfere in these proceedings directly or indirectly I will take action and I will put you in jail,” Division 8 Circuit Court Judge McKay Chauvin warned during a bond hearing for a teen accused of fatally stabbing a girl in Portland.

Police have charged Tiffany James, 19, with murder in the stabbing death of 14-year-old Madison Branch. The two teens were among a group of girls involved in a fight June 26 outside the Speedway at 21st and Duncan Streets in Portland.

Tensions between the girls’ families have become extremely volatile since the deadly fight. James Roberts, the victim’s stepfather, was arrested shortly after the girl died for allegedly shooting up Tiffany James’ family’s home.

Brendan McLeod, the attorney representing James, said during the hearing Monday the threats between the two families had become so bad he installed surveillance cameras outside his client’s home.

“If you do anything to affect the integrity of this process you risk jail,” the judge warned. “Whether you leave each other alone because it’s the right thing to do or you leave each other alone because it’s the smart thing to do–leave each other alone.”

James’ bond was reduced to $25,000. She is scheduled to appear at a pre-trial conference Aug. 30.