LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS 11)--The mother of a special needs student allegedly choked on a JCPS bus is telling her side of the story.

That's after the woman charged with the crime, plead not guilty in court.

According to court documents, Ramona Pait placed her hands around the boy's neck and began to shake him, while yelling at him. Monday she plead not guilty in a Jefferson County Courtroom.

The mother of that boy who says his bus monitor strapped him into too tight, so he called out for help. The next thing he knew he was being choked and shook. She says she and her son are in counseling, trying to come to term with what happened.

Purcell says she knows children can exaggerate, so she contacted the JCPS transportation department to pull video tape from the bus after she talked with her son. She says when they called back they were shocked by what they found and said they would press charges. The mother tells WHAS she still hasn't watched the video, because she knows it will be difficult to see.