JEFFERSONVILLE (WHAS11) -- An Indiana State Police trooper was released from University of Louisville Hospital with a good prognosis after he was shot during a traffic stop on Tuesday night in Jeffersonville, Ind.

Trooper Morgenn Evans was injured during a traffic stop on West Park Place near S. Harlan Vogt Park. The trooper was administering a driving while intoxicated test to determine if the driver, Oscar Kays, was under the influence. ISP says Evans began the traffic stop due to the vehicle being left of center. Jerry Goodin, with ISP, said a scuffle broke out between Morgenn and Kays during the stop.

It was during that struggle a handgun was pulled out by Kays, Goodin said. That is when the trooper was shot.

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Goodin said the trooper was dazed but began to follow the suspect who was leaving the scene in his vehicle.

Trooper Morgenn eventually lost sight of Kays' vehicle.

Goodin said Morgenn did call for backup during the scuffle. Kays was later arrested at his home by aiding law enforcement agencies.

Kays was found to be injured, ISP said they believe he was injured during the scuffle at the traffic stop. He was treated at a local hospital. After hospital treatment, he was then taken to the Clark County Jail.

Oscar Kays is facing charges after police say he shot an ISP trooper during a traffic stop on Dec. 12.

ISP said when Kays was asked about why he shot at Trooper Evans, Kays said he "didn't want to go to jail."

According to ISP "another quarter of an inch" and the shot could have killed Trooper Evans. They say the bullet hit the trooper's forehead and "shaved his head." ISP said they will release a photo of the injury later.

"His guardian angel was definitely, definitely with him," Goodin said.

The charges Kays is facing is attempted murder of a police officer, resisting police, and aggravated battery.

During Wednesday's news conference about the shooting, Goodin praised teamwork from the different law enforcement groups, saying they "took total, total chaos and turned it into a well-oiled machine."