LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- Neighbors are speaking out after a woman police call completely innocent was shot while sleeping in her bed. As the number of homicides grows, so do community concerns. Many are begging for the violence to stop.

"I have eight kids, I have 44 grandkids, I have 33 great-grandkids and 3 great, great-grandkids and I've got a 95-year-old mother,” Sara Jentry said.

Jentry is good with numbers. But there’s one number she can't quite wrap her head around, 90 homicides, so far this year.

"We have a very big problem, very big problem”, Jentry said.

Part of the problem, according to Jentry, is who's getting hurt. She said her neighbor was hit when bullets started flying into her bedroom last weekend.

Jentry neighbor’s was innocent. A true case of being at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

"She lost some fingers, in her own apartment sleeping. But all I can say to her, 'Honey, God had you because you could've been dead',” Jentry said.

Twenty-five bullet holes decorate the walls outside her neighbor's bedroom, her innocent neighbor's bedroom.

Jentry said, "It makes you wonder, are you next? Could it be your child laying in the streets?"

Police said a man was shot around the same time as Jentry's neighbor. Both happened on Wilson Avenue Saturday night.

But police are not calling that man innocent. His case, like many others, comes with little information but for Jentry there’s no excuse.

"It takes a strong man to walk away from a situation, and a weak man to kill,” Jentry said.

Jentry said she wants people to start trying to see the bigger picture; the bottom line as taking a life is not the answer.

Of the 90 homicides reported to police so far this year, 36 are still unsolved cases. If you have information you think police need to know, detectives ask you call the tip-line. That number is 574-LMPD.