LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Shively Police say 47-year-old Michael Bosse was shot inside his home Saturday afternoon, his daughter was feet away.

Officers say he apparently got into his truck after being shot, crashing shortly afterward into a building on 7th Street Road, his young daughter with him inside that truck.

We know from police that a suspect has been named by Shively detectives although they are waiting before giving us that to release to the public.

Officers tell us Bosse's 6-year-old daughter went through an ordeal no one should ever have to face. The home we’re told has been divided into apartments.

“He had let somebody rent out his basement and it wasn't working out and his daughter told my mom that he went down there and he wasn't mad and wasn't screaming but sometimes it could get a little loud but she said he was calm and that he told them they needed to leave because it wasn't working out and she saw a flashlight go off and he looked at her and said run Kara run,” Michelle Jude, Bosse's sister said via phone interview.

Jude says even after being shot, her brother rescued his daughter from danger.

“So he ran behind her and got in the truck and took off and then he passed out and wrecked so you know...he saved her, because I can't imagine if they had killed him right away, what would've happened to her,” she explained.

Less than half a mile away, police say Bosse lost consciousness after being shot in the stomach and crashed his truck into a building on 7th Street Road and Leroy.

“Whether he was going to go get aid, trying to make it to the hospital or just a safe place...we're not real sure. But obviously, you have a gunshot wound in a vital area, you're going to lose blood quickly which caused him to go unconscious,” Sgt. Josh Myer with the Shively Police Department said.

Jewell Skaggs, one of Bosse’s neighbors tells WHAS11, “Lately he's been doing lawn service and stuff like that but he did love that little girl, he was a good dad.”

Jude says Bosse’s daughter already talks about her father being in a better place as she describes, “She keeps saying her daddy is in heaven and that's where he needed to be because he's not hurting anymore.”

Police say Bosse likely knows the person responsible for killing him.

Detectives have a suspect but are withholding that person's name for the time being.

Bosse's 6-year-old daughter was taken to the hospital, she was not hurt and is now with her mother.