HARRISON CO., Ind. (WHAS11) -- The Harrison County Sheriff's Office had an early wake-up call for some people they say were dealing drugs in their county.

On Friday, they held their 6th annual roundup. They've taken nearly 25 people into custody.

The sheriff said 80 to 90 percent of the people in the jail right now have some kind of drug issue. Of Friday's arrest, the sheriff says about 25 percent of them were dealing in opioids and the others, methamphetamines.

“To drug dealers who are thinking about opening up shop in our county, you may want to think again. We will be standing guard and justice will find you. The tip of our sphere can reach further than any place you can hide,” Sheriff Rod Seeyle said.

As a result of the six roundups, officers have taken over 120 drug dealers into custody and collected almost $300,000.
They've also had a nearly 100 percent conviction rate.