(INSIDE EDITION) -- A couple of young women who were allegedly in the habit of holding up banks while in costume have been arrested and charged in the daring heists, officials said this week.

The FBI says 19-year-old Swahilys Pedraza-Rodriguez and 23-year-old Melissa Aquino Arias attempted to rob a bank in Pennsylvania's Poconos region back in August while disguised as nuns.

Surveillance photos from the attempted robbery near the town of Tannersville show two suspects wearing religious garments. At least one of the women is seen brandishing a black handgun.

Officials say the duo bolted at the sound of an alarm. However, they're accused of playing dress up before other heists that were more successful.

Pedraza-Rodriguez and Arias are also accused of robbing two banks in New Jersey last month while wearing headscarves.

They appeared before a judge in Newark on Monday.